Clarification on documents required for online IEC application


In order to clear the ongoing confusion on documents of address proof and cancelled cheque or bank statement required to be uploaded with the online IEC application and in whose name IEC to be issued, DGFT has issued Trade Notice No. 39/2018-19 on 12.12.2018 to clarify the following –

  1. If the required document in support of address of the firm with firm’s name is available, same to be uploaded while filing online IEC application. In case, such address proof document is in name of some other person, an NOC in favour of the firm is required in addition to the address proof;
  1. Acceptable address can be either of following –
  • Aadhar Card (in case of proprietorship)
  • Voter ID (in case of proprietorship)
  • Passport (in case of proprietorship)
  • Electricity Bill or Telephone (Landline or Mobile Bill)
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Bank Statement as in ANF – 2A(i)
  • Sale/lease deed;
  1. Proprietorship firm may submit the address proof in favour of proprietor only;
  1. Either pre-printed cancelled cheque or a bank statement has to be uploaded; pre-printed cancelled cheque has to be in name of the firm or individual (in case of proprietorship). Cheque can be of a savings or current account;
  1. IEC application to be made in name of the firm in whose name IEC is to be issued. Firm can be individual, proprietorship, firm, HUF, LLP or any company;
  1. To keep record of the person submitting application on behalf of the firm, person/individual submitting application to be treated as applicant. For verification and subsequent login, mobile number and e-mail id of the applicant to be used and both the details cannot be changed simultaneously at any point of time.

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