Mandatory recording of information of transfer of MEIS/SEIS Scrips on DGFT website


DGFT has issued Trade Notice No. 42/2015-20 to make it mandatory to record on DGFT website,, about every transfer of MEIS/SEIS scrips where such scrips have been issued on or after 14.01.2019 for EDI Ports only. Only after recording on DGFT website, the new owner will be able to utilise the scrip. The manner of transfer of scrips by the MEIS/SEIS scrip owner will remain the same, however, information about the new owner (transferee) has to be recorded by the owner on the DGFT website, before the new owner can utilise that scrip. Also, after the recording of information on the site, the old owner cannot record further and only the new owner can record further transfer of scrip.

For recording this information, the MEIS/SEIS scrip owner has to go to DGFT site under-

Services, then to MEIS/SEISĀ  View/Transfer and then to Record Transfer Information

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