Offline Utility of Form GSTR-10 available – Form GSTR-10 (Final Return) is now available in the download section of GST portal. Form GSTR-10 is to be filed by the registered taxable persons once registration has been cancelled either on their own request or by Suo moto proceedings by the department;

Form GSTR-7 and GSTR-7A – Form GSTR-7 (Return for TDS) to be filed by the Tax Deductors and Form GSTR-7A (TDS Certificate) has been made available on GST portal to the Taxpayers.

Validation removal in Form GSTR-1 in Shipping Bill date & Invoice date – Till now, there was a check in the Form GSTR-1 that date of shipping bill should always be later than date of tax invoice. In case, date of shipping bill was filled prior to the date of invoice, system used to throw up error, due to the validation check.

Since shipping bill can be filed even before issue of tax invoice, this validation check has now been removed from table 6A (Exports) and from amendment table 9A, in Form GSTR-1.

Search Taxpayer PAN wise – Currently, there is a functionality available to taxpayers in pre-login and post-login mode to search the taxpayer details using GSTIN/UIN.

This functionality has been amended now to search the taxpayer details using PAN of the taxpayer. This PAN based search will fetch all the GSTINs registered against the entered PAN in different States/UT’s along with status of registration in a tabular format. On clicking of GSTIN hyperlink, taxpayer search details shall be displayed.

Form GST REG-14: Non-Core Amendment of Registration for NRTP, OIDAR, TDS & TCS taxpayers – Facility has been provided on the GST Portal to NRTP, OIDAR, TDS & TCS taxpayers for applying for Amendment of Registration of Non-Core fields.

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