FTP Circulars

Circular No.DateParticularsLink
12/2015-2028-08-2018Policy Circular 5(2013)/2009-14 dated 14.08.2013 regarding norms for Spices under Advance Authorization- validity thereofClick Here
11/2015-2023-07-2018Grant of deemed export benefits for supplies to projects funded by JICA etc.Click Here
10/2015-2013-07-2018Accountability of inputs where Advance Authorisations are issued on net to net basis for partsClick Here
09/2015-2009-07-2018Clarification on acceptance of any copy of Shipping Bill in lieu of EP copy of Shipping Bill for grant of EODC of Advance AuthorisationClick Here
08/2015-2021-06-2018Clarification on SEIS benefits to Steamer Agents, etc.Click Here
07/2015-2023-05-2018Clarification on ‘Duty’ under S.No. 3 of Appendix-3A (List of items not allowed for import under Export From India Schemes under Chapter 3, unless otherwise specified) of FTP 2015-20Click Here
06/2015-2022-05-2018Clarification of eligibility of benefits under SFIS/SEIS scheme for exporter providing port related servicesClick Here
05/2015-2004-04-2018Clarification on export policy of Roasted Gram – removal of packing restrictionClick Here

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