IBC Notifications



14-06-2017Enforcement of sections 55 to 58 from 14-06-2017Click Here
15-05-2017Enforcement of clause (a) to (d) of section 2 for voluntary liquidation from 01-4-2017Click Here
15-05-2017Appointment of whole time member of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of IndiaClick Here
30-03-2017Enforcement of some sections of IBC from 01-04-2017Click Here
09-12-2016Enforcement of sections 33 to 54 from 15-12-2016Click Here
30-11-2016Enforcement of some sections of IBC from 01-12-2016Click Here
15-11-2016Enforcement of some sections of IBC from 15-11-2016Click Here

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